Trigger Hub is the worlds leading wellbeing solution for schools, charities & businesses.

Create your own wellbeing library for your organisation with’s one-of-a-kind bibliotherapy book collection. has manifested and elevated ancient bibliotherapy techniques and combined them with new-age science, catapulting Book Therapy into the 21st century.


Bibliotherapy is now the most effective pillar of recovery for mental health and wellbeing.

We enable accessible, affordable, and PROVEN recovery for millions of people worldwide.

Join us on our mission and deliver effective, innovative, and proven wellbeing solutions in your organisation.

The three pillars of mental health recovery...




talking therapy


medicinal therapy

Our books aren't just any mental health books...

we have invested over £5million and spent the last decade selecting, publishing and packaging an in-house, unparalleled collection that offers you a first class wellbeing resource in line with the latest psychology & science. 

PLUS Our wellbeing libraries not only provide your organisation with an unrivalled collection of mental-health books, they also: 

Generate a passive income for you or your chosen charity

Provide you and your organisation with monthly wellbeing advice and tips from our expert authors and partners.

Give you & your organisation access to the people behind the story to deliver mental health workshops, courses & Bookclubs.


Hotels, student accommodation providers, doctor surgeries, primary schools, cafes, pubs, libraries, universities, secondary schools, colleges, airports, charities... anyone looking to partner with a leading mental health and wellbeing provider offering a cost-effective, immediate and accessible resource for their staff, students and/ or customers.

Yes, we offer digital solutions as well as creating physical spaces for wellbeing balance & reflection.

Yes, we offer bespoke packages and prices built purely for your organisation's wellbeing needs and size.

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