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Men's Mental Health

GIVE BACK: 10% of your monthly subscription donated to the Frank Bruno Foundation.

e-Subscription price £4.99$6.49/month

Challenge what it means ‘to be a man’ and explore your identity. A unique package to support men’s mental health conditions.

ocd, anxiety & depression

GIVE BACK: 10% of your monthly subscription donated to

e-Subscription price £4.99$6.49/month

Find your recovery. Advice and recovery tools at your fingertips…

Mindfulness & self Awareness

e-Subscription price £4.99$6.49/month

Life with a mental health condition can be tough. Let us help you to create a calm mindset  and bring balance into your everyday… 

The Student Series

e-Subscription price £4.99$6.49/month

8 specially curated books to help you manage mental health conditions while you study.

Parenting: Raising resilient children

e-Subscription price £4.99$6.49/month

How do mental health conditions impact children? Proven strategies that enable you to help your child to recognize and process difficult emotions & feelings.

Workplace Mental health

e-Subscription price £4.99$6.49/month

This package is designed to help you to excel in the workplace and balance your mental health condition. Including: Tips & advice for talking about your mental health at work.


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