Trigger Publishing

Trigger Publishing is an independent publishing house specialising in mental health and well-being books.

One of our three imprints could be the perfect home for your book.

Trigger Publishing

A traditional publisher for mental health and well-being books

Ups!de Down Books

Trigger’s publishing imprint that specialises in children’s books

Cherish Editions

Trigger’s highly selective, author-funded publishing imprint for lived experience books, self-help, poetry, children’s books and more

Trigger Publishing

Submitting a Manuscript to Trigger Publishing

Trigger specifically seeks bibliotherapy, books that show our readers that mental health recovery is not only possible, but that it is within their grasp, or that there are practical steps they can take to maintain and enhance their well-being.

As a traditional publisher, Trigger seeks longer manuscripts – preferably 60,000 words or more – written by authors who ideally have already begun to cultivate an audience and a platform. However, for the right book, we are happy to work with new authors who have yet to make these strides and help them to do so.

Upside Down Books
Submitting a Manuscript to Upside Down Books

If you seek a traditional publisher for a book aimed at children, tweens, teens or young adults, then submit your manuscript to Upside Down Books.

As with Trigger’s main list, we are looking to acquire manuscripts that focus on mental health and wellness, but we also seek stories of emotional intelligence and mindfulness.

Cherish Editions
Cherish Editions
Submitting a Manuscript to Cherish Editions

Cherish Editions is Trigger’s author-funded publishing imprint dedicated to furthering our mission of creating important, impactful bibliotherapy. A mental health publisher producing just 30 books each year, we acquire only a small selection of the manuscripts that are submitted to us.

However, Cherish will consider a broader range of books for publication: memoirs, self-help books, poetry, fiction, children’s books and more. The most important qualification is that your book can provide some form of bibliotherapy to a reader who may be struggling with their mental health or well-being.

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