Why Can’t You Hear Me?

My Recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder & Anorexia Nervosa



What makes recovery so hard? Why might someone seem to be choosing not to recover?

Through detailing her own journey to recovery from BPD and Anorexia Nervosa, Gisel Josy is determined to answer these questions, and others, from her perspective as a survivor.
Having spent years in psychiatric hospitals, Gisel has learned that, ultimately, recovery comes down to choice — a patient must make the decision to recover. But the decision doesn’t have to be made alone; loved ones can provide the incentive needed to help someone start on the road to full recovery.
As a parent or carer, the only thing you want to do in life is to protect your children. This job is made so much harder by eating disorders, but Why Can’t You Hear Me? explains that anorexia is nobody’s fault; it is a psychiatric illness that infiltrates all aspects of a person’s life until they are barely recognizable.
There are still so many misinterpretations surrounding issues with mental health, which Gisel is passionate about dispelling. This book is more than just an explanation of eating disorders; it is a heartfelt personal story, which she hopes will impact many people’s lives, for the better.
Publication date: 25/08/2022
Audiobook ISBN: 9781913615123-2