An Accessible Guide to Understanding Gender Identity and Gender Dysphoria

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What is gender dysphoria?
How does it affect people?
What do terms like intersex, cisgender and transsexualism mean?
How can I support someone going through this?

TRANS is an easy-to-read, accessible guide to the psychology and the everyday reality of gender dysphoria, transvestism, gender reassignment and being trans. Psychiatrist and gender specialist Dr Az Hakeem and a group of expert contributors will help you understand the concept of, and terminology around, gender dysphoria. They also explain what is available – medically and psychotherapeutically – to support anyone experiencing gender dysphoria or those in a supporting role. TRANS is insightful enough for professionals but accessible enough for all.

The book addresses difficult questions such as ‘What do we tell the children?’ and ‘What happens when you change your sex, then change your mind?’, and arms you with the knowledge you need to answer with confidence and clarity.

Publication date: 28/10/2021
Paperback / softback ISBN: 9781801291293 224 pages