The Suicide Prevention Pocket Guidebook

How to Support Someone Who is Having Suicidal Feelings

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Often, we are extremely cautious about how we would approach or talk to someone we know, or fear, has suicidal thoughts; we worry about saying or doing the wrong thing. But we still really want to help.

The Suicide Prevention Pocketbook gives you the information and confidence you need to help friends, work colleagues and loved ones suffering from suicidal thoughts, or following a suicide attempt. It uses the innovative approach created by charity Suicide Crisis to bring understanding of what suicidal people go through – and shows how best to help.

Founder Joy Hibbins helps you build on the qualities you have already, and teaches you tried-and-tested skills and techniques to help someone in a suicide crisis. The methods included could be used to help anyone that might need help: from a close relative, to another student at university, someone you know from a sports or social group, or a neighbour.

Publication date: 02/09/2021
Paperback / softback ISBN: 9781789562996 192 pages