Stress in the City

Playing my Way out of Depression



Having grown up in Hong Kong and Australia, and educated in France, Enoch Li always had international aspirations. By her 28th birthday, she had achieved everything she had ever laboured toward. Her mum was speechlessly proud of her financial earnings, she had a supportive and loving romantic partner, and she had lots of friends who adored her. So why did she feel as though something was missing?

One could hardly guess that a strong, successful young woman who travelled the world, lived in multiple cities, had a high paying salary and had rocketed up the corporate ladder, would one day crumble to pieces, so hopeless and devastated that she believed life was no longer worth living.

In Stress in the City, Enoch Li shares her experiences at the top of the corporate game, reflects on the warning signs she refused to see, and documents her journey back from the edge through the rediscovery of her inner child.

Through her research into the psychology of playfulness, workplace burnout, and company culture, Enoch also discusses how companies can help their executives be mentally and emotionally well

You might just find that the toys around us may be more meaningful than you think!

Publication date: 06/08/2018
Ebook/Digital download ISBN: 9781911246985 200 pages