Staying Well and Safe at University

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This illustrated pocket book offers advice, practical tips, and useful exercises for students who want to safely navigate the unique pressures and pleasures that life at university brings. Written by the award-winning student mental health specialist, Dr Dominique Thompson, this easy-to-read guide will ensure that readers have all the tools they need to combat issues around leaving home, exam stress, socialising, safety, sex, and substances, so that they can truly make the most of their time as a student. 

The book follows the timeline of a student preparing for university, finding their way through freshers’ week, the first term, the interruption of holidays, and returning to family. The format makes the book suitable for sixth formers planning ahead for university, as well as first year students. The material is easy to dip in and out of, and addresses all of the major issues they’ll experience as a new student. It is written from a non-judgemental perspective, and features extensive contributions form students talking about their own experiences, the things they learned, and the things they’d wished they’d known. 

This is the book that everyone wishes they’d had when they started university!

Publication date: 16/04/2019
Ebook/Digital download ISBN: 9781789560657 96 pages