Resourcefulness at College

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This illustrated pocket book offers advice and practical tips for students to help build their resourcefulness at college.

This book acknowledges the huge emotional shift that occurs when a student goes to college and offers advice and strategies to help them to deal with a new set of situations that may be academically and / or personally stressful and challenging.
The book outlines some of the reasons why it is particularly difficult for 18 to 24-year-olds to deal with the upheaval of starting college, but goes on to offer evidence-based approaches to help manage the transition.

With insightful material from students who describe the unique pressures they experienced at college – and how they dealt with them – this is a very practical book in which readers will learn ways to develop life strategies and grow as a result of their experiences.

Written by the award-winning student mental health specialist, Dr Dominique Thompson, this easy-to-read guide will ensure that readers have all the tools they need to build on their resourcefulness, equipping them for life at college and beyond.

Publication date: 30/07/2019
Paperback / softback ISBN: 9781789560992 100 pages