Overcoming Postpartum Psychosis

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Rattled is a riveting, inspiring read that will give hope to mums who have suffered from any form of perinatal mood and anxiety disorder.
Dyane Harwood, Author, Birth of a New Brain—Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder


Parenthood brings sleepless nights, tears and tantrums, nappy changes from hell, and the firm belief that you’re Cameron Diaz … wait, what?!

New mum, Jen Wight, definitely wasn’t expecting that. But after her son was born, her worldview shifted in strange and unexpected ways. Within weeks, Jen found herself living a very different life – working out the deeper connections underpinning existence, and discussing strategy with Barack Obama. The problem is, no one else could see what she saw. Not even her next-door neighbour, Renée Zellweger!

Rattled tells the extraordinary story of how Jen overcame her manic episodes – caused by postpartum psychosis –and beat her postpartum depression to become the loving, caring, wonderful mother she is today.


Publication date: 21/03/2019
Ebook/Digital download ISBN: 9781789560732 200 pages