Power from Within

A Guide to Success as a Medical Malpractice Defense Expert


There is no end in sight to the frequency with which health care providers become lawsuit targets in our litigious society. While politicians, practitioners, insurance companies and trial attorneys debate the nation’s “malpractice crisis”, suits continue to be filed. In addition, once COVID-19 is behind us and the unprecedented public support for health care providers wanes, as it will, it is anticipated that physicians and nurses will become malpractice defendants to a remarkable degree.

Public fact-finding committees and investigative bodies, which may be charged with the responsibility of pursing a solution, likely will never achieve a global remedy to the “malpractice crisis”. Legislation has not ever universally curtailed baseless malpractice suits or grossly excessive monetary verdicts. Another approach exists, however.

Health care providers can impact the existing system and influence the malpractice environment in a tangible, positive and powerful fashion. Although there will be a debate over tort reform in order to bring some degree of protection to the malpractice defendant, individual case success, defined from the defendant’s perspective as a “no cause” trial verdict, can be realized if well-credentialed and experienced health care professionals are willing to assist the malpractice defense bar as expert witnesses. The benefits to the health care community and the individuals who are willing to participate are innumerable and worth considering.

Publication date: 21/04/2021
Paperback / softback ISBN: 9780367677374 192 pages