Love and Remission

My Life, My Man, My Cancer

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In her mid-twenties, balancing a stable job and a partying lifestyle, Annie was also on the hunt for a man. She wanted to find Mr Right, get married, buy a house, and live the life she’d always wanted. But then one day, she found a lump …

Breast cancer. The two words that would derail Annie’s life. Suddenly she realised how short her life had been, and the very idea of finding love seemed impossible. As her hair fell out, and her social life crumbled, her mental health deteriorated. She began to question if she would actually survive. Struggling with an identity crisis and worryingly low moods, she wondered if she’d ever be able to live the normal life that had been within her reach only months earlier.

Love and Remission tells the tale of a young woman in search of love and mental wellbeing.

Publication date: 20/06/2018
Ebook/Digital download ISBN: 9781911246749 244 pages