Love and Other Gods

Adventures Through Psychosis

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Michael Nangla was the first of his family to be born in England and has always been torn between two cultures; that of his mother’s homeland and that of the country he grew up in.

Finding freedom for the first time at university, Michael discovered an exciting world of love and lust. But when love turned to heartbreak one too many times, Michael’s world shattered. Vivid hallucinations forced him down a road he had never been on before; through hospitalization to cures from mystics.

His identity fractured, Michael kept trying to find himself, turning to family, friends, and love for answers.

A brutally honest look at what it means to be bipolar and bicultural, Love and Other Gods is a journey through the mind of one man as he learns to define himself.

Publication date: 07/11/2019
Paperback / softback ISBN: 9781789560824 200 pages
Ebook/Digital download ISBN: 9781789560831 200 pages

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