In Search of a Father’s Footsteps

And Other Dramatherapy Stories

Ian Robertson, Katerina Robertson

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This collection of real-life case studies introduces us to seven people who have one thing in common: they have all grown up without a father.

Consciously or unconsciously, each one searches to fill the void this has left in their lives. Nine-year-old Lilly, for example, becomes obsessed with finding a husband for her mother – and a father for herself.

Others cannot relate to or understand men, who they either idealize or demonize. Some even look for a father figure in their partners and lovers, leading to disappointment when they don’t find the person they yearn for. In Search of a Father’s Footsteps shows how therapy helps each protagonist come to terms with their father’s absence and find some closure.


Note: Cover design by Kitty Turner.

Publication date: 26/08/2021
Paperback / softback ISBN: 9781913615253 212 pages
Ebook/Digital download ISBN: 9781913615260 212 pages