Heal Your Relationship With Food

Effective strategies to help you think differently and overcome problems with eating, emotions and body image

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“This is an excellent, clear account of how to understand eating problems, including anorexia, bulimia and binge-eating. It is particularly strong in challenging myths about nutrition and goes on to give practical advice on how to deal with unhelpful rules and beliefs about eating, weight and shape. The authors are obviously very experienced in helping those who have become stuck with their eating disorder and this book could give them renewed hope. I have already recommended the book to my patients.”

Dr Eric Johnson-Sabine FRCPsych, Specialist in Eating Disorders, Royal College of Psychiatrists


You can take control over your eating difficulties – and you can start today. In this book, we’ll get to the heart of why you restrict your eating, binge eat or purge. Whatever pulls you to these problems, whatever your mind is telling you, we’ll give you the tools you need to beat them.

With simple steps, and practical advice that really works, this book will help you take healthy control and sustain positive changes to overcome your eating problems. You can do this.

Juliet Rosewall and Amy Chisholm are Clinical Psychologists who specialise in treating eating disorders. This book brings together all of their expertise, and that of dietetic expert Maureen Moerbeck, to explore clinically proven strategies for addressing eating problems.

Publication date: 25/08/2022
Audiobook ISBN: 9781789561289-2