Great Sexpectations

Change your perspective and have the sex you really want



We live in a hyper sexualised society. Porn, nudes, dates and hook-ups are easy to come by for anyone with an internet connection. Just like fast food, sex has become quick and convenient to obtain, perfect looking, but void of any true nourishment. Is it any wonder we are having sex and intimacy problems?

With biased and unrealistic portrayals of sex everywhere we turn, it is hard to form healthy expectations of sex. And when, inevitably, our ‘sexpectations’ are not met, our mental health, sexual wellbeing, self-esteem and relationships suffer.

Clinical psychologist and sex therapist, Gemma Cribb and award-winning sex journalist, James Findlay will help you explore your own ‘Great Sexpectations’ and guide you through simple exercises to help you correct unhelpful beliefs and discover your authentic sexual self so that you can enjoy truly fulfilling relationship and sexual experiences.

Great Sexpectations is for every gender, every sexual orientation and every type of sexual relationship. It is for everyone who thinks life is too short for bad sex.

Publication date: 02/07/2020
Ebook/Digital download ISBN: 9781789561425 200 pages