Finding Your Way Through Loss and Grief

A Therapist's Guide to Working Through Any Grieving Process

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In this practical guide, psychotherapist Christine Hopfgarten looks in detail at the different reasons that we may encounter feelings of loss, including bereavement, relationship break-up, loss of a job, fertility problems or miscarriage, and illness. The book clearly lays out the possible stages of grief and shows you how to move through the grieving process.

By blending clinical knowledge with insights from those with lived experienced, this guide will help you make sense of your emotions and gain an understanding of how these fit into your own unique experience of grief. Christine gives advice specific to each experience of loss, and uses exercises applicable to your situation.

You will discover the importance of acknowledging where you are in your own unique journey – it is only then that you can move forward.

Publication date: 25/11/2021
Paperback / softback ISBN: 9781789562835 224 pages