Everything You Need to Know to Become a Pet Psychic

How to Master the Secrets of Animal Communication

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You may be asking yourself, ‘Can I really become a pet psychic?’ Well, there’s good news: the answer is almost certainly yes! All you need is an open mind and a love of animals.

We all want to give our pets the best life possible. As we spend more time with them we understand that each animal is unique and has their own particular likes and dislikes, just like people.

In this introductory guide to animal communication, pet psychic Beth Lee-Crowther will show you how to deepen your understanding of your pet, so that you can respond to their individual needs. She’ll also show you how, as you become more confident, you can learn how to hear and interpret the needs of other people’s pets!

It’s time to open yourself up to a deeper, richer relationship with your pet.

In Part 1, Beth explains how animal communication works, and how telepathy, psychic abilities and mediumship are powerful skills that can be learned and developed.

In Part 2, you will start to hone your psychic abilities. First, you will establish a toolkit of key techniques that form the basis of all animal communication. Next, Beth walks you step by step through her unique Psychic Animal Communication Technique (PACT).

Using PACT, Beth will show you how to open up a two-way dialogue between yourself and an animal, and how to use a photograph for distance readings. She also advises on how you can use this technique to solve pet problems and locate missing animals … and lastly to communicate with pets in spirit.

Your pet is part of your family; they instinctively know what you are feeling – and now, you can truly understand how they are feeling, too.

Publication date: 14/04/2022
Paperback / softback ISBN: 9781801290777 224 pages