Everyday Calming Rituals

Simple Daily Practices to Reduce Stress

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‘A warm, knowledgeable guide that will calm even the most frazzled soul.’ – Poorna Bell, author, In Search of Silence.

Actively working with rituals and your senses to create daily practices that you can draw on to relieve stress is an easy, everyday way to work with your body. This book will enable you to create simple rituals that will allow you to work with your five main senses to ensure you have a first aid kit of emotional associations that will calm you down when you are beset with a racing mind, insomnia or general worry.

Rituals featured include: Vision boards, mindful listening, smudging, self-massage and tea ceremonies. The book also includes daily, weekly and monthly rituals which you can easily integrate into your life.

Publication date: 05/03/2020
Hardback ISBN: 9781789561760 192 pages