Eating for Cognitive Power

Super Foods, Recipes, Snacks, and Tips to Boost Your Brain Health, Focus and Memory

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Have you ever had days…where you just…. couldn’t ….think…. clearly?

Have you ever experienced a “brain fog” – this kind of feeling that jams your thoughts and actions?

Would you like to enjoy a LASER-SHARP mind, STRONGER willpower, and HEALTHY BRAIN?

Just imagine how it’s like to feel sharp, smart, and clever, no matter what you do. You always know what you should do next, work is just flowing and fun, and you experience kind of a “background happiness” – you just feel in control and you know where you’re going.

Your body is getting in better shape, your confidence is up, you are much more open to social interactions, and even your bad habits are starting to shake off.

Publication date: 10/04/2020
Paperback / softback ISBN: 9781647800567 160 pages

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