Burlesque or Bust

Bringing my Mental Health to Heel



Having grown up among strict religious evangelists in Australia, Priscilla fought to escape overbearing authority regimes and damaging emotional cues. However, her desperate attempts to find her own place in the world culminated in a catastrophic breakdown and detachment from reality.

Hospitalised with severe bipolar disorder and marked as one of the worst cases of psychosis the doctors had ever seen, Priscilla found her salvation in a lilting piece of piano music, “Tones”. Finding comfort in the song’s melody, she began the painful process of piecing her life back together.

In Burlesque or Bust, we are invited to join Sapphira, Priscilla’s alter ego, as she escapes to the underground London cabaret circuit. Losing herself on the keys of her piano and in the song lyrics on her lips, she reinvents herself as a dazzling showgirl. Along the way, she meets many powerful personal development teachers who turn her life around. With a new-found purpose, our heroine makes it her life’s mission to share the art form that gave her true release, and to share her sparkle and joy with the world.

Publication date: 01/10/2018
Ebook/Digital download ISBN: 9781912478439 200 pages