Befriending my Brain

A Psychosis Story

James Lindsay

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Like many of us, James Lindsay is no stranger to stress and anxiety. But in his case, leaving those struggles untreated led to a full psychotic episode that hospitalised him for the better part of a month. With the help of medication and therapy, he has now overcome this dark period and is currently living a much happier life.

But his story doesn’t end there. Now, he wants to help others avoid the same fate by sharing his experience, including the red flags he recognises in hindsight and the path he charted to recovery. No matter where you are on your own journey, James’ story will resonate and remind you, as he puts it, that “recovery is always possible, and hope is never far away.”

Befriending My Brain is a brilliant must-read. I found it impossible to put down once I started it. James’ journey with his mental health is extremely compelling, insightful, and, ultimately, inspirationalThis book offers a beacon of hope to anyone who may be struggling with mental illness, as well as their loved ones too. James is the true personification of the concept that there is always “light at the end of the tunnel.” – Jonny Benjamin MBE

Publication date: 02/03/2022
Paperback / softback ISBN: 9781913615949
Ebook/Digital download ISBN: 9781913615956