101 Tips to Help Your Anxious Child

Ways to Help Your Child Overcome Their Fears and Worries

Poppy O'Neill

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One in four children will suffer from anxiety at some point in their young lives. As a parent it can often be difficult to know how best to support your child when they become fearful and worried, and whether their worries are something they can deal with themselves or a symptom of something more serious. This guide offers ways to help you to help your child articulate how they are feeling and offers effective coping strategies and simple lifestyle tweaks to manage anxiety by building their resilience and self-confidence for life.

  • Identify the source of your child’s anxiety
  • Instill good sleeping and eating habits
  • Help your child create a list of calming actions for when they feel anxious
  • Simple relaxation exercises
  • Know when to seek support
Publication date: 13/08/2020
Paperback / softback ISBN: 9781787835627 128 pages