Mental Health Books For Community Spaces

Your on-demand mental health solution that is affordable, instantly accessible and backed by modern science.

Our world-leading £5m bespoke Bibliotherapy (book therapy) Collection provides comprehensive and unrivalled mental health recovery & balance for your community space.

Provide an on-demand digital resource

Give your staff access to our entire collection of workplace mental health books via the TriggerHub App.

On-demand mental health recovery, balance and resilience tools at their fingertips.

Your mental health recovery and support hub

Your BiblioHub will offer a dedicated physical space for staff to go to access guides, resources, and self-help books to explore & improve their mental health recovery & balance.

BiblioHub in workplaces offer an innovative option for staff looking to improve their mental health and thrive in the modern world using bibliotherapy (book therapy).

Your BiblioHub will contain a selection of mental health books selected and published by Dr, Lauren Callaghan, Trigger’s clinical psychologist, ensuring you have a first-class resource for your staff.

Access to our BiblioSpace Portal
...available soon

Your HR Manager will receive their very own user account to access exclusive resources on our BiblioSpace Portal, allowing them to distribute important mental health resources to staff.

Access everything from articles to downloads, webinars to workshops and much more!

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