We challenge you to make mental health visible on campus!
Join us 14th - 18th November 2022.
1 week. 5 challenges. 2 million voices.
Create Mental Health Impact Through Action with Ben Aldridge and Dr Dominique Thompson



Join us on November 14th as we discuss how to create mental health impact through action with Ben Aldridge and Dr Dominique Thompson. The aim of this webinar is to discuss practical strategies that make mental health more visible on campus and create opportunities for conversations outside the therapy room. How do we encourage personal growth and build mental strength & resilience in a supportive environment? One way to achieve this is to force people to face up to negative emotions such as embarrassment, fear and boredom. When people are challenged to leave their comfort zone, they embrace adversity, build confidence and mental strength that can be harnessed for personal growth. Find out how strategies based on stoicism, Buddhism, CBT and popular psychology can be implemented on a university campus and why it’s important to provide a supportive & safe environment to allow this to happen.
Speaker Profiles
Ben Aldridge<br>(TriggerHub Author, Speaker & Adventure Seeker)
Ben Aldridge
(TriggerHub Author, Speaker & Adventure Seeker)

Ben started completing challenges as a way to learn more about himself and to help build a resilient mindset. Ben needed a way to deal with the severe and debilitating anxiety in his life and found that stepping outside my comfort zone and completing challenges really helped him with this. He hasn’t looked back since!

Dr Dominique Thompson<br>(TriggerHub Author. Tedx Speaker & Award Winning GP)
Dr Dominique Thompson
(TriggerHub Author. Tedx Speaker & Award Winning GP)

Dr.Dominique Thompson is regarded as the UK's top expert on student mental health. With over 20 years of clinical experience caring for students, her expert advice enables everyone to support the younger generation.

Stuart McQueen<br>(TriggerHub UK Sales & Marketing Manager)
Stuart McQueen
(TriggerHub UK Sales & Marketing Manager)

Dedicated to giving mental health a voice and enabling people to change their lives. TriggerHub provides the most advanced form of proactive reach for mental health recovery, support and wellbeing for education, workplaces and in the community.

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