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What is BiblioSpace?

An online resource centre for student services & mental health professionals that empowers you to tackle any mental health challenge that may surface at the university.

From campaign ideas for mental health awareness days (that always pop up out of the blue during the year!) to downloadable guides, proactive tips and strategies for supporting staff with mental health conditions.

Learning through Lived Experience Bibliotherapy empowers you to adopt tried-and-tested strategies that really make an impact.

It has been created by people that have overcome a mental health condition for others living through it, to empower them to recover too.

What is Bibliotherapy?

Our world-leading £5m bespoke Bibliotherapy Collection provides comprehensive and unrivalled mental health recovery & balance for you & your organization

Innovatively designed to trigger self-empowerment, healing, growth, resilience and recovery across a broad range of mental health conditions.

Bibliotherapy is a straight-forward self-recovery solution that’s suitable for all ages, costs a fraction of the price of traditional therapies and is on demand, night or day, at your fingertips.

Discover the power of TriggerHub Bibliotherapy, empowering you to live the life you deserve.

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