We challenge you to make mental health visible on campus!

Join us 14th - 18th November 2022.
1 week. 5 challenges. 2 million voices.
Challenges for your University
Monday 14th - Friday 18th November

Join us for a week of challenges to make mental health visible. Face your fears, embrace adversity and leave your comfort zones. Open to all universities – let’s create mental health impact together.

Create impact through action

Join us from the 14th November as we create impact through action. Complete the daily challenges, share on social media and start a conversation to get students talking about their mental health in a fun & engaging way.

The challenges have been created by Ben Aldridge, author of ‘How to control the uncontrollable’ & ‘How to be comfortable with being uncomfortable’. Ben’s challenges encourage personal growth and build mental strength by forcing you to face up to negative emotions such as embarrassment, fear and boredom. You’ll also have a lot of fun along the way!

This is the perfect way to create sideways conversations. A sideways conversation is an alternative way of talking about mental health and wellbeing without directly talking about it. Students may not open up if you actively ask them how they are doing, or what might be wrong, but doing something that casually invites the conversation will encourage more people to speak up!

Based on popular psychology, stoicism, Buddhism & CBT, each challenge is designed to make you grow as a person.

Get ready to leave your comfort zone!

How it works

“leaving our comfort zones is the greatest way to build mental strength”

There's a new challenge each day starting Monday 14th November
Every day will have a new challenge. It could involve courage, concentration, skill, discomfort or be physical! Check back each day to find out!
Complete the challenge
Enlist the help of colleagues and students to complete the challenge. The more, the merrier. Get as many people as you can to take part.
Share on social media
Proof is required! Share your photos and videos on Instagram using the hashtag #TriggerChallenge. Each day we'll pick our favourite submissions.
Meet Ben Aldridge

I love doing difficult things and believe that by challenging ourselves in different ways we can become better, stronger and more alive human beings.

I started completing challenges as a way to learn more about myself and to help me build a resilient mindset. I needed a way to deal with the severe and debilitating anxiety in my life and found that stepping outside my comfort zone and completing challenges really helped me with this.

I haven’t looked back since! Facing my fears and leaning into them changed my life. I’ve received so many invaluable lessons along the way and I look forward to sharing my experiences and insights with you through my writing.

Submit your pictures and like your favourite

Upload your images to Instagram, tag with #TriggerChallenge and like your favourite

Discover the power of lived experience

TriggerHub offers the most advanced form of reach for mental health recovery, support and wellbeing for education. Here is why:

It’s becoming very clear that for every 30 people suffering with a mental health condition, only around 5 will actually speak up and feel able to ask for help.

25 of those 30 will still suffer in silence until they reach crisis point. Or worse, until it is too late.

This is why TriggerHub’s Lived Experience Bibliotherapy is such a powerful solution that is so advanced at garnering much further reach for mental health wellbeing and support across universities, colleges and schools.

The power of lived experiences, showing the sufferer a trajectory to recovery and signposting the evidence, strategies and route to recovery from fellow sufferers, is one of the most influential and impactful forms of recovery.

TriggerHub achieves this reach through the absolute privacy of its bibliotherapy strategy.

TriggerHub understands the absolute dynamics of a mental health sufferer and their requirements. TriggerHub has been ergonomically created to achieve incomparable reach for all the individuals suffering in silence and not just for those few that are willing to come forward publicly with their mental health challenges.

TriggerHub is on course to become one of the largest digital mental health and wellbeing solution providers in the education market across the UK and US.

How to control the uncontrollable
Ben Aldridge Webinar

On Friday 18th November we’ll also be hosting a special webinar with Ben where we’ll discuss the challenges, why they’re so effective and other strategies you can use to engage students in fun and exciting ways.

The aim of this session is to provide practical ideas that can be used across the university campus.

Time – 11:45AM – 12:30PM
Date – 14/11/2022
Location – Online via Zoom

The webinar invite will be sent to everyone who signs up to take part in the challenges, and the recording will be available via the BiblioSpace portal.

"I needed a way to deal with the severe and debilitating anxiety in my life and found that stepping outside of my comfort zone and completing challenges really helped me with this."
You're up for the challenge then?
Everybody at the university can take part in the challenges. In fact, we’ll actively encourage you to share the challenges with your colleagues and students. The whole point of this is to create a conversation around mental health in a way that students find fun and engaging.
There’s a new challenge every day between the 14th and 18th November, so 5 in total. Each challenge needs to be completed on the day.
Share your photos and videos on Instagram using the hashtag #TriggerChallenge. At the end of each day TriggerHub will pick the most creative entry as the winner!
We need to find new ways to engage students to get them to open up about their mental health. These challenges have been designed to enable sideways conversations, to make mental health visible and to have some fun.

Not a problem, contact us here to send us a message. We’ll be more than happy to go through all the details with you.

TriggerHub Solutions For Universities
BiblioHubs - Create Mental Health Safe Spaces

Bibliotherapy is now the most effective pillar of recovery for mental health. Create a central hub for wellbeing and showcase your mental health services. Our hubs come complete with 30+ books, each one designed to trigger self-empowerment, healing, growth, resilience and recovery across a broad range of mental health conditions.

BiblioSpace - The Ultimate Mental Health Toolkit

An online resource centre for professionals that empowers you to tackle any mental health challenge that may surface in the university. From campaign ideas for mental health awareness days, to downloadable guides, proactive tips and strategies for supporting students with mental health conditions. Take Lived Experience Bibliotherapy to the next level with BiblioSpace.

BiblioApp - Access to the world's leading Bibliotherapy Collection

Your app provides the perfect tool-kit for students & staff to self-explore and balance their mental health & wellbeing. With signposting and tried & tested strategies powered by lived experience to unlock the secrets to successful recovery. Provide hope, compassion and understanding to as many people as possible with the most advanced solution available.


All TriggerHub authors share a common goal, to help the younger generation develop the skills, knowledge and vocabulary to talk about their mental health with confidence. What better way to inspire students than with an author-led book read or interactive workshop? Hosted either in person or online, we can work with you to tailor the experience to match your curriculum and lesson plans, which maximises the experience for students and tutors alike.


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