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Powered by Lived Experience offers the most advanced form of proactive reach for mental health recovery, support and wellbeing for workplaces, Universities and community spaces. Through the process of Bibliotherapy & the unrivalled power of lived experience.

TriggerHub has redefined the way organisations are approaching Mental Health and Wellbeing provision.

What is Bibliotherapy?

When we read a mental health memoir in first person, neurons activate in our brain and as we follow the author’s journey – their highs, lows and experiences – we quite literally ‘neurologically experience’ their
path to recovery and therefore begin to process and realise our own path to recovery.

Powered by Lived Experience understands the true dynamics of the sufferer and that the start of any journey to mental health recovery and having the courage to seek help, is to educate themselves to self-recovery through the privacy and power of bibliotherapy and lived experience.

Created by those that have overcome mental health conditions for others living through it to empower them to their own recovery. With TriggerHub you are not alone. offers the most advanced
solution for mental health recovery,
support and wellbeing for workplaces,
institutions and in the community

Discover the world’s leading Bibliotherapy eLibrary for mental health recovery and well-being balance… immediate help is just a click away

Three steps to Trigger your recovery:
Access to our BiblioSpace Portal

Your organisation will receive their very own user account to access exclusive resources on our BiblioSpace Portal, allowing them to distribute important mental health resources.

Access everything from articles to downloads, webinars to workshops and much more!

Real stories by real people
Who really understand what you’re going through
Bibliotherapy but Bite-size
Find mental health recovery & balance that fits your lifestyle.
Read or listen in 30 minutes or less.
Tell your story!
TriggerHub Bibliotherapy is ergonomically produced from content that has been created at our bespoke publishing house in London, UK.

We look for books that offer help or advice to our readers, with a focus on mental well-being, and Mind, Body, Spirit. Our readers want to see that recovery is not only possible, but that it is within their grasp, or that there are practical steps they can take to maintain and enhance their well-being. If you can provide that, we want to hear from you!

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